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Join us in planting more edible forests.

We are permaculture designers, gardeners, locavores, naturalists, and overall tree-hugging enthusiasts who want to see food forests all over Dane County, Wisconsin and beyond. Wisconsin Food Forests is a project of Madison Traffic Garden, based in Madison, Wisconsin. We have partnered with Emily Steinwehe, the founder/owner of Emily Plants. She has been planting edibles and educating people for many years throughout Dane County.
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Help us feed Jasper

SoL Criations is a sanctuary for rescued farm animals located in Endeavor, Wisconsin. They’re eager to establish a food forest to provide food and shade for the local residents, whether they’re on two legs or four. “Here in our SoL ~ our “Space of Love", we wish to inspire a shift in perspective.

A new story of peace and gentle reverence for all life. Helping to reawaken our connection with animals and the Earth. Caring, advocating, educating and mentoring for the animals through making connections, empowering hearts and opening minds to make conscious, compassionate choices for the animals, the Earth and ourselves.

We look forward to sharing our SoL with you!"

Planting the seeds

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